Modern style for interiors - characteristics and the use of stone. A series of talks with designer Joanna Prowancka

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Simple, free of unnecessary additions spaces in which everything has its designated place - this is definitely one of the most popular themes when it comes to contemporary interior design. It is therefore no surprise that modern minimalism is taking hold in an increasing number of homes and flats. Joanna Prowancka, a designer from the Wzorcownia Interior Design Studio, will tell us more about this interior style. Read the next article in our series: trends, inspirations and modern solutions!

Modern style in interiors - what are its characteristics and which design features indicate its presence?

When decorating a house or flat, we spend a great deal of time choosing a theme that will add character to the interior. Design, colours, functionality - we want it all to work together. What is the best way to present the modern style in an interior to reflect its character as accurately as possible?

Joanna Prowancka: If I had to choose two words that best define the modern style, they would be functionality and consistency. This is because, despite appearances, it is a style with a usually limited colour palette, in which muted colours dominate. The materials used in the interior design are not just any materials either. The modern style relies primarily on natural and high-quality materials. As for the rooms themselves, modern (not to be confused with contemporary!) spaces are open, simple, and monochromatic. The aim is to make all the arrangements as comfortable and functional as possible for all members of the household.

Simple forms of furniture and a limited number of superfluous accessories are responsible for the unconstrained modern elegance. But under no circumstances should modern design be confused with asceticism! All space-filling elements are of great importance. However, there are far fewer of them, and they are perfectly exposed. Modern style in the home or flat will use solutions which optically enlarge the space. This includes the use of accessories such as mirrors, homogeneous wall coverings, large-format tiles (e.g., the use of quartz surface, large-ceramic slabs or acrylic solid surface, which reduce the number of joints).

In modern interiors, there is no space for clutter and disproportion. Every element has its place and is properly exposed.

Why are customers keen to furnish interiors in a contemporary style?

The modern style has quickly become one of the best-loved motifs that are ideal for both flat and home design. More interestingly, however, despite the passage of years, its popularity is growing, displacing other solutions. Why are customers so fond of this style?

Joanna Prowancka: I think that supporters of the modern style appreciate order and harmony. They are pleased to relax in places where the number of unnecessary accessories is limited. They then feel that they don't overgrow things 😉 What's more, the simple solutions that dominate the modern style don't have the right to look bad. Another argument is that there really isn't a room that can't be kept modern - whether it's the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room.

Personally, however, I believe that modern style works best when we have an open-plan living area in the house or flat to design. When the kitchen, dining room and living room are one room, they should be cohesive and functional.

Which decors from Architype are best suited to the modern style?

For interior design in the modern style, stones are frequently used. But are there any particular decors that best complement this style? Which decors from Architype are best suited to the modern style?

Joanna Prowancka: I guess it would be easier to answer the question which decors don't fit 😉 Keralini large ceramic slabs, Caesarstone, Avant Quartz or Tisoro quartz surfaces are always the perfect finishing touches that raise the standards of the designed space. When it comes to modern style for interiors, the most important thing is to choose a décor that does not overwhelm the arrangement, but at the same time emphasises all its assets and harmonises with the whole.

Modern style combined with stones from Architype

The modern style in interiors has been dominating for a very few years now. Has Interior Design Studio Wzorcownia perhaps had the opportunity to carry out projects in which the modern style was combined with stones from Architype?

Joanna Prowancka: Yes, I have even recently had a beautiful realisation of a flat where the investor and I decided to use Keralini large ceramic slab - not only in the kitchen space, but also in the lounge area. As I have already mentioned, consistency is very important in the modern style. And although there are a few elements taken from other styles in this project as well, the whole thing definitely fits in with modern interior design!

Inspiration corner: modern style home and flat

Do you dream of a kitchen, living room, bedroom or other room in a modern style? Or do you wish to transform an entire space in your home or flat? Discover our inspirations and invite the best solutions for your interior:

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