Artificial stone for interiors - trends, inspirations, modern solutions. A series of conversations with designer Joanna Prowancka

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Artificial stone is a versatile material that not only impresses with its beauty and aesthetics, but also with its numerous properties. These are what make the use of artificial stone in modern interiors a trend that has been gaining popularity among contractors and interior designers in recent times. In fact, materials such as quartz surface, large ceramic slabs and acrylic solid surface offer unlimited possibilities when it comes to interior design. Let us see what Joanna Prowancka, an excellent designer from the Wzorcownia Interior Design Studio, has to say about this!

Fashionable interiors - the hottest interior trends in contemporary home and flat design

There is no doubt that trends can change from year to year. This also applies to the style in which we furnish our own four corners. So, what interior trends dominate the flats and houses of today's Wzorcownia customers?

Joanna Prowancka: Among the trends that consistently delight and guide my clients, I can instinctively mention modern minimalism, eclecticism, Japanese style and boho. Glamour style is also present in modern homes and flats, but in a much softer form than just a few years ago. Interestingly, however, there has been a move away from the pure, austere industrial style, which in modern designs is only present as an addition in the form of specific elements.

Presumably, this is related to warmth, which is particularly appreciated in modern designs. Modern minimalism itself is already evolving and gaining more warm tones. Such spaces are becoming more and more dominated by warm beiges, cashmeres, greys, whites - not infrequently with the addition of black! Furthermore, in minimalist interior design, we can increasingly admire natural materials such as stone or wood and natural-looking fabrics with beautifully thick weaves. When we complement this with futuristic furniture or unusual lighting, we create a gorgeous, trendy interior.

Interior trends in recent years are also turning towards the wonderful Japandi style, in which Scandinavian elements intertwine with Japanese-style accessories. Although Scandinavia and Japan may seem like completely different, separate styles, when it comes to interiors they work together perfectly. It is a style that allows us to create cosy spaces in an unobtrusive way. Natural colours harmonise perfectly with stone and wood. Of course, elements made of quartz surface, acrylic solid surface or wood veneer work well in this type of interior.

Harmony, minimalism, naturality and functionality - that's Japandi!

Decorative stone and contemporary interior trends

Now that we know which interiors and arrangements are in line with current trends, it is worth learning more about the materials that can help us achieve exactly the desired effect in our own space. Does artificial decorative stone, such as quartz surface, acrylic solid surface or large ceramic slab, work well in interior design projects?

Joanna Prowancka: Definitely yes! Personally, I can't imagine giving up these materials when creating modern arrangements for my clients. Decorative stone is an extremely versatile material which can be used to create whole projects (e.g. wall cladding or furniture) as well as exquisite accessories and decorative elements. The great advantage is that each of these stones offers very rich colours, allowing you to match the material to your preferred style of arrangement. This gives me the confidence that the final product will always be exactly what my clients require.

Decorative stone in modern design. What patterns and colours are most desired by Wzorcownia customers?

Decorative stone is a material that can transform the appearance of many a home or flat. Which colours and patterns dominate among customers who create their interiors based on the most popular trends?

Joanna Prowancka: Invariably, for many years, clients of my studio have admired the exquisite use of all kinds of marble decors. This is a reference to the beauty and elegance of natural marble, which is the inspiration for many of the world's designs. Thus, stone is still one of the key elements when it comes to fashionable interiors. Lately, however, it has become noticeable that customers are also keen on unconventional designs of large ceramic slabs and quartz surfaces, the colouring of which is slightly less obvious.

When it comes to decorative stone my number one lately is the 8100 Mulen decor from Avant Quartz. I have a lovely table in my studio that was made using this particular pattern. The contractor also used a wonderful fluting in the base of the table, which is the best proof of how great the possibilities for creation and arrangement offer this material.

If I had to choose the decorative stone I find best to work with, I would choose Avant Quartz with no hesitation!

Artificial stone in modern interiors. Discover the hottest interior trends of the year!

Decorative stone is a material that is gaining in popularity and attractiveness. It can be used to create both decorations and entire projects. It is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall and floor coverings, as well as furniture or decorative elements. At Architype, we ensure that the décor collection is always kept up-to-date and thus meets the needs of today's customers. We keep a close eye on global trends to be able to offer our customers decors in exactly the style in which they would like to decorate their homes or flats. With materials from Architype, you can create trendy interiors based on the hottest trends! Explore our range and design your home or flat in a good style!

And if you want to find out more about combining decorative stone and the most important interior trends and learning about the characteristics of each style, make sure to keep an eye on our blog! We will be back soon with more articles on trendy interiors.

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