Flexible, seamless, and user-friendly

Acrylic solid surfaces are made of a plastic substance since it can easily be thermoformed. They contain exclusively pure acrylic resins. This material is suitable for making products with both straight and curved forms, which will help to turn into the reality any interior design idea.
Acrylic solid surfaces are highly sought by being durable and having high functional and aesthetical performance. Using such surfaces for tabletops, bar counters, sinks, and other items, it is possible to create fancy designs for kitchen. Acrylic solid surfaces offer a great solution for bathrooms and lavatories as well. Our customers choose them also for lining the walls and floors, steps, window sills, and creating various solutions for interior design.

Joints (seams) of the items with acrylic solid surfaces are invisible to the naked eye, this is exactly why they are called seamless. This zero-seam technology ensures ideal smoothness and easy repairing.

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Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and healthy

Thanks to their labor-saving processing techniques and seamless joints, acrylic solid surfaces are considered to be highly cost-effective. This helps to significantly reduce the cost of finished products when compared to the items made of natural stone, thus creating modern stylish decor is more affordable.

Since this material has homogenous structure, it is healthy and easy to take care of. Acrylic solid surfaces have no pores, this is exactly why they are resistant to dirt, mildew, and fungi. They also remain unaffected by corrosive substances and coloring agents.

Acrylic solid surfaces have no background radiation and are environmentally friendly. They contain 70% of mineral filler, 30% of acrylic resins, and 1% of pigment dyes. It is recommended to use engineered stone in designs of medical facilities and educational establishments, residential premises and restaurants.

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Varicolored and durable

Color is extremally important in any design since it attracts attention, affects the mood and feelings.

Once the design sketch is ready, it is high time you select a color from the various colors available for the acrylic solid surfaces. These include both solid colors and sand-colored decors, and imitation of Italian marble, travertine, granite and other natural materials as well.

Acrylic solid surfaces will last you almost forever pleasing you with their lovely looks.

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Reasons for choosing acrylic solid surfaces:

Rich color palette

Reasonable prices

Easy daily care

Durability and good wear properties

Easy repairing

Flexible products with no seams

Healthy and environmentally friendly

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