During the years since creation of the first in the world tabletop made of engineered quartz to this day Caesarstone has been ultimatistic about quality, natural composition, and uniquely designed textures in production using an Italian technology Breton. Caesarstone is the right choice for energetical and demanding individuals who are aware what authentic items are worth of. 

Premium engineered quartz

International brand Caesarstone was established in 1987 in Israel and by now won the right to be called legendary. It is being copied, it is being duplicated, its quality and unique decors are being aspired to. Constant search and introduction of innovative solutions in production ensure accuracy of natural patterns to the last detail, and perfect color transfer.

Designer laboratories of the company Caesarstone are constantly searching for the new color shades, forms and patterns of inclusions, and surface textures. Every year they are discovering new lines of engineered quartz due to the modern tendencies and demands in the sphere of interior design.

Caesarstone’s engineered quartz shines in many ambitious projects implemented in different spots of the globe. It can be noticed inside of the Microsoft’s research center; on the soccer stadium in Durban (South Africa), were the Soccer world cup 2010 was held; in the Rolls-Royce’s corporate headquarters in China and several other significant facilities.

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Best materials for making countertops

Caesarstone engineered quartz is for 95% genuine quartz. It is sturdier than granite, it is shock and scratch resistant, it is also distinguished by being very user-friendly in everyday use.

Raw materials are used for manufacturing undergo multistage quality inspection. Manufacturing itself is divided into certain stages in strict compliance with the sequence and global standards. Factory polish ensures engineered quartz remains in its initial state for many years. It remains damage, wear, and burn-off resistant even when actively used.

Extreme conditions, as well as high temperatures, are not a problem for engineered quartz. Being heat resistant makes it an ideal and safe material for a kitchen tabletop; what is even more important.  

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Healthy and environmentally friendly

There are no voids in the engineered quartz structure. This is exactly why its surface does not absorb mud, grease, or any liquids (also corrosive), not even consumer chemicals. High humidity is also not a problem. Using an engineered quartz means no mildew and fungi. Aside from being healthy, engineered quartz is also easy to maintain – whipping the surface with a damp cloth or sponge is just enough.

Caesarstone is also up to the environmental safety standards for humans and the environment. Quartz surfaces are manufactured in compliance with the following global standards:

  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • Set of requirements to the environmental management system in ISO 14001
  • NSF is the norm allowing surfaces to contact with alimentary products 
  • Kosher certificate means compliance with Judaism rules

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Caesarstone is better than natural stone

  • Longevity of the quartz surfaces is higher than natural granite
  • quartz slabs are water-resistant – if you spill water, tea, coffee, or wine, there will be no stains or other consequences (neither there will from ripe and juicy fruits). Which is definitely different about marble 
  • thanks to the pattern accuracy, it is difficult to find a differ from natural stone. Quality of the pattern with Caesarstone is batch consistent, thus ensuring easy mating the slabs when manufacturing the end product 
  • aside from being easy to care for the quartz slab does not need to be treated with special chemicals against mildew and fungi
  • it is not radioactive 

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Caesarstone has been certified for manufacturing tabletops and inside lining for premises

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People choose engineered quartz from Caesarstone, because is:



Heat resistant

Easy to maintain

Soil resistant

Guarantee protected

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