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The last lecture from the series "Interior designer's equipment" at WSPA in Lublin

On June 15, we visited the Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji in Lublin for the last time this academic year, thus concluding the series of meetings in the “Interior Designer’s Equipment” series.

During the lecture, we told the participants - students, lecturers and invited architects and designers - about our newest material, Puricelli HPL slabs. During the presentation and exchange of ideas, they were able to convince themselves of its numerous advantages and

versatile application.We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to spread knowledge about modern materials used in the interior design industry. We look forward to further challenges in the new academic year.

In the meantime, we wish all students a successful summer vacation - and we’ll see you there! 

Another edition of the Laboratorium Dobrej Marki - this time the Architype materials traveled all the way to Rzeszow!

On June 5, 2024, we once again had the opportunity to participate in the Laboratorium Dobrej Marki. This time the event took place in Rzeszow, attracting more than 50 architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts. 

Participants of the event could get acquainted with the offer of more than a dozen “good brands” and listen to fascinating lectures: 

We also got a chance to present our materials! We are pleased our offer was so positively received by designers - as evidenced by the long list of people willing to attend one-on-one meetings, which we will organize in the near future.

Dear Designers! It is with you in mind we are constantly improving our offer, so we are grateful for any comments and insights. We remain at your disposal!

Another edition of the Laboratorium Dobrej Marki - this time it was Szczecin!

On Wednesday, May 22nd, we hosted the next edition of the Laboratorium Dobrej Marki - this time we came all the way to Szczecin!

During the event we were once again able to present our brand and materials from our offer. Anyone interested in quartz surface, large ceramic slab and acrylic solid surface could visit our stand. 

In a pleasant atmosphere, we discussed with the participants and provided answers to their questions. We also managed to make several new contacts and listen to inspiring speeches of special guests.

The Laboratorium Dobrej Marki is a series of industry meetings that allow us to constantly develop. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this project!

Lecture on Keralini as part of WSPiA's ‘Interior designer's equipment’ programme

On 18 May, we once again had the pleasure of hosting a lecture at the Wyższej Szkole Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji w Lublinie. As part of the ‘Interior Designer's Equipment’ programme, we held a lecture on Keralini brand large ceramic slabs. The meeting was attended by first-year students of interior design, as well as invited designers and lecturers.

During the presentation, we explained the properties and application of the material from Keralini, which is perfect for both interiors and exteriors. The topic of maintenance and care of large ceramic slabs was of greatest interest. The audience wanted to know how to maintain the large ceramic slabs and what mistakes are most commonly made when cleaning it.

To all those interested in this topic, the answer is: simple, traditional products without chemicals are enough!

At the end of the lecture, participants were able to ask our representatives questions, to which they received comprehensive answers. Thank you for the meeting and have a look at the photos from the event!

Architype participated in the Laboratorium Dobrej Marki in Olsztyn

On April 24th we had the pleasure of participating in the next edition of the Laboratorium Dobrej Marki, which took place in Olsztyn.

During the meeting with architects and designers, we presented our brand and the materials available in our offer. Participants of the event could learn all the secrets of quartz surfaces, large ceramic slabs and acrylic solid surfaces from our portfolio. In addition, we also presented a novelty, namely HPL slabs from the Italian manufacturer Puricelli.

We ourselves were also able to attend many inspiring lectures, learning not only about other brands' offerings, but also about innovative solutions that inspire us for the future.

Thank you for a productive meeting and for the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience. We look forward to the next edition of this industry event!

Equipment of an interior designer', that is, Architype at WSPiA in Lublin

Once again, we had the pleasure of hosting in the Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości in Lublin.

As part of the 'Equipment of an interior designer' programme, our specialists gave a lecture on GRANDEX acrylic solid surface materials. The audience consisted of students of Interior Design, University lecturers and invited guests - designers from Lublin. 

During the presentation, we provided our audience with a lot of factual knowledge and interesting facts about this reliable material. Of particular interest was the process of sourcing finished products from GRANDEX acrylic solid surface, as well as its versatile use in both commercial and private projects. 

After the lecture, we got into a discussion about the special properties of the material. The students were eager to ask us about the processing of the acrylic solid surface, i.e. thermoforming. They were also impressed with the numerous possibilities for its use.

We would like to thank all the designers - present and future - for attending the event!

Below you will find some photos from our meeting.

Architype lecture on quartz conglomerates at WSPA in Lublin

As part of our cooperation with the Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji in Lublin, we had the pleasure of holding a meeting with students in the series "Interior designer's equipment".

The audience consisted of students, professors and invited designers and architects, who received a dose of substantive knowledge about quartz conglomerates of two brands: Caesarstone and Avant Quartz. 

The lecture was topped by numerous questions about the parameters and application of this amazing material, which our specialists answered with great dedication. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share your knowledge, and we are already looking forward to the next presentations we can give to all those interested in the stone industry!

Architype in the ‘Laboratorium Dobra Marka’

On Tuesday 13th of February 2024, we had the pleasure of participating in the ‘Laboratorium Dobra Marka’ in Bialystok. This is an extremely important event for architects and designers from all over Poland. The theme of the meeting was the impact of modern technologies on architecture and the creation of new designs.

The special guest was Petros Psyllos - an electronics engineer, programmer and innovator who deals with the implementation of modern technologies on a daily basis. He delivered a lecture on 'Artificial intelligence in the architectural profession - opportunities and threats', during which he introduced us to a futuristic world in which project creation is closely based on the use of AI capabilities. In turn, Katarzyna Koszalka, founder of the authorial studio ‘Pracownia Projektowa mDom’, which has been creating exceptional interior design projects for over 20 years, talked about the challenges facing architects and interior designers in the modern world. 

During the event, Architype was one of the representatives of good brands, which gave us the opportunity to present our company and materials to the participants. It was a time of valuable discussions, during which we not only shared our knowledge, but also learned a lot from others. Numerous exchanges with other representatives of (good) brands and potential customers resulted in dozens of new contacts.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in this very important, substantive event!

Architype's collaboration with The University College of Enterprise and Administration

Recently, we have established cooperation with The University College of Enterprise and Administration - faculty of interior design. As part of the 'Interior Designer's Equipment' programme, we had the pleasure of giving students, lecturers and special guests a presentation on one of our materials - GRANDEX acrylic solid surface.

The prepared lecture was dynamic and stole the attention of our audience. They were eager to ask questions during the presentation. What interested them the most was the process of creating finished products from the GRANDEX acrylic solid surface, as well as its numerous possibilities in terms of application. At the end of the presentation, we prepared a competition for the participants to consolidate their knowledge of this fantastic material. The winners received a surprise made of... GRANDEX acrylic solid surface!

In the near future, as part of the cooperation between Architype and The University College of Enterprise and Administration, further lectures will be held at which other materials from our range will be presented. 

We are already looking forward to it!

Meeting for Architects and Designers organized by VIBIA CERAMICA

The event took place on December 9, 2023, where we met with interior designers to showcase ARCHITYPE materials and encourage their use. The meeting was hosted by the VIBIA CERAMICA ceramic tile studio in Bydgoszcz.

Our presentation had more of a conversational and discussion character. Each participant could ask questions about specific materials from our company at any point during the presentation and also receive a sample of interest directly. The free-flowing presentation by the ARCHITYPE company representative and the regional representative allowed us to better understand the needs of our partner and focus more on the products that may be more commonly used by designers.

In addition to a wealth of knowledge about ARCHITYPE products, participants in our meeting also received essential product catalogs offered by our company. Products such as KERALINI – large-format quartz sinter and their decor catalog garnered significant interest.

The meeting concluded with catering prepared by the event organizer, Ms. Anna Kontna, for which we thank her for the opportunity to present ARCHITYPE products and the wonderful atmosphere.

Below, we present a photo report from this engaging meeting.

Meeting for Architects and Designers organized by the Brand Laboratory

On October 18, 2023, ARCHITYPE, together with FORMA SYSTEM, participated in a meeting organized by the Brand Laboratory for architects and designers from the Tricity area.

The meeting took place in Gdańsk.

The theme of the meeting primarily focused on expert lectures by invited speakers. Invited companies had the opportunity to present their activities through presentations. Among them, ARCHITYPE had the chance to showcase its product offerings, which garnered significant interest from the meeting attendees.

Below, we present a photo report from this engaging meeting.

Training for Architects and Designers organized by 4Home&Kitchen

The event was organized by 4Home&Kitchen. As one of the five exhibitors, we had the pleasure of presenting our capabilities to architects and designers who use such materials in their daily work.

Participants in the training got acquainted with the brands offered by Architype. They also learned about available decors, textures, and the properties of individual materials, making their use in daily work incredibly easy and enjoyable.

The culmination of the entire event was a dinner in a truly Italian style and networking, during which we had the opportunity to exchange experiences and insights with all the training participants.

As Architype, we are happy to participate in such events and always provide expert advice on the selection of our products. Participants also have the opportunity to receive samples and materials from us in the form of guides.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the training!

Meeting for Architects and Designers organized by DMNTR Dom i Wnętrze Media Group

Tracking contemporary trends in interior and exterior space design is one of the foundations of our work. Therefore, we strive to participate in various events - both global and local.

This time, we collaborated with Metronom for Architects and Designers on the topic of Modern Urban Space. The event took place on February 1 at the Royal Tulip Warsaw Apartments. The organizer was our long-time friend - DMNTR Dom i Wnętrze Media Group.

During the event, we had the opportunity to talk with practicing architects, designers, and leading developers. Discussions also revolved around current trends in contemporary architecture and design.

Special guests included stars of the world architecture:

Christos Passas – Director at Zaha Hadid Architects,

Maciej Franta – CEO and founder of Frantagroup Architects,

Ostap Iwanyw – APA Wojciechowski Architekci.

Media patrons of the event: portal and Architektura-murator.

Thanks to active participation in such events, the number of our partners is constantly growing, which means that together we can transform spaces and make people's lives more comfortable.

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