Robust and solid

Engineered quartz is resistant to mechanical damage, wear, abrasion and scratches. With regard to its hardness, engineered quartz is only surpassed by corundum, topaz, and diamond. (It ranks below corundum, topaz, and diamond in hardness). 
Engineered quartz  consists of 93 to 95% milled  natural quartz. 4 to 6% of resins act as a bonding agent. (Resins (4-6%) act as a binder).
Added minerals and particles – marble chips, mirror particles, and colouring agents – ensure variety of colour arrays and decorative components. (The variety of colors and decors provided by added minerals and particles such as marble chips, mirror particles and colouring agents). Engineered quartz is produced in slabs and used in residential and commercial buildings for tabletops, lining for walls, floor, and stairs as well as for other interior surfaces.

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Healthy and environmentally friendly (eco-friendly)

These important features can be achieved due to the natural composition of engineered quartz, its homogenous texture and full absence of voids and microcracks, which prevents entirely pathogens development. 

As opposed to granite, engineered quartz has no inherent radioactivity. It consists of only environmentally friendly components and natural dyes. It is also free of toxins and allergens, while having antibacterial properties.

This is why engineered quartz is  recommended material for kitchens and bathrooms. It is used in medical facilities and even in laboratories.

Colour variety of engineered quartz outmatches the colour range of natural stone. Moreover, it is more usable, vibrant and reliable.

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Easy to maintain

Engineered quartz has compelling advantages when compared to marble and granite. Marble is brittle and is adversely affected by food acids – a drop of wine or champagne is able to permanently damage the surface.

Absence of voids and its composition make engineered quartz completely moisture-resistant. Low moisture absorption of engineered quartz surfaces, namely 0,02%, prevents staining.All you need to take care for the items made of engineered quartz is a piece of cloth and standard liquid or gel detergent. As opposed to the items made of marble, granite, and other types of natural stone, where it is necessary to apply special polishes to the surface in order to decrease the void content.

Engineered quartz is very user friendly and does not need regular additional treatment and expenses comparing to natural stone. When constantly used and with usual care, engineered quartz surface remains in its initial state for years and always looks like new.

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Reasons why people choose engineered quartz:


guarantee protected


heat resistant


easy to maintain

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