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Our brands

We are the official importer to Poland and several other countries of the following globally renowned brands: engineered quartz Caesarstone and Avant Quartz, engineered acryl GRANDEX

High quality and uniquely designed textures

Modern popular textures, rich color range: over 200 variants, various decors: everything ranging from plain and fine sand all the way to impressive marble patterns

with stone handlers
and furniture dealers

  • Wide variety of decors and profound expertise with engineered quartz
  • Special terms and conditions of cooperation ensure profit for our partners
  • Your dedicated manager will provide comprehensive care
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Lucrative offers for engineered quartz for partners

We can consider personalized conditions for our cooperation. 


with designers
and architects


decors of flexible engineered acryl with any requested color


refined marble decors of engineered acryl and quartz and ceramic tiles to meet your every need

Developing new decors or unique textures on request

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Designer projects

Masterpieces from talented designers inspire others and make this world brighter. We build up a library of projects, where engineered stone is used in different design in order to show, how simple things can be complicated and vice versa. This is made possible by a creative view of conventional forms and common scenarios 


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Over 100 decors kept in stock at all times in greater volume. We will deliver all the rest promptly on request.


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