Kitchen island - a practical element in a modern kitchen


The prototype of the kitchen island was developed hundreds of years ago, at a time when the kitchen was not the heart of the home, but was located off to the side. It was a space designed for kitchen servants, who ate their own meals at a specially allocated place. The simple free-standing table can also be considered the furniture that initiated the kitchen island. Cultural changes, lifestyle adjustments and therefore home furnishings or, last but not least, modern materials and technologies - these factors have made it nowadays impossible to imagine the kitchen without it.

Kitchen island - what is it and what is it used for?

Nowadays, we can define a kitchen island as a freestanding piece of furniture, often equipped with a countertop, sink, hob and other appliances. Among other things, it can be used for preparing meals, storage or even spending time (often part of the kitchen island is arranged as a table).

This element is extremely popular - both interior designers and those decorating their own homes have fallen in love with it. Here are the main reasons why the kitchen island is such a popular choice:

  • Additional working space - this is particularly useful in kitchens with limited space. A kitchen island is an additional countertop where we can cut, cook, prepare meals or unpack shopping. It also allows several people to work simultaneously in the kitchen. Equipped with a sink or hob, it frees up countertop space against the wall that can be used for a food processor, toaster or coffee machine. 
  • Storage - a kitchen island is very often equipped with numerous cabinets, shelves and drawers, providing plenty of extra storage space for crockery, kitchen utensils, groceries and other necessities, making it easier to maintain order.
  • A place to spend time with loved ones - who among us doesn't remember conversations with grandma over tea in the kitchen? There is also a reason why they say that the best part of the party and philosophical conversations about life always take place there! Increasingly, the kitchen is not a separate room but part of the living room - the kitchen island is usually used as a boundary between the two, which allows you to cook together, eat together or just chat casually with those in the living room. This element can also be a great place to place drinks and snacks during meetings and parties. 
  • Aesthetics - the kitchen island is an important element of the interior design, adding character to the room. The multitude of architectural solutions that can be implemented makes it possible to create stylish, elegant and modern interiors. The island is also a fantastic place for interesting, functional additions such as fresh flowers, condiments or a fruit basket. 

Contemporary kitchen islands often make room for modern amenities and design ideas, including built-in electrical sockets and charging stations, elegant fridges for drinks and spirits, smart lighting and audio systems or even comfortable seating.

What materials are kitchen islands made of?

Kitchen islands, due to their intensive use, must be made of high-quality, durable, damage-resistant materials. Because islands are used for food preparation, they come into contact with food, so the components must meet a number of strict safety and hygiene requirements. It is also an area that is particularly vulnerable to moisture, heat and dirt. It is therefore worth choosing materials that can withstand these factors, as well as being easy to maintain and keep clean. An excellent choice would be natural stone substitutes such as quartz surface, large ceramic slabs or acrylic solid surface, which meet all the described requirements. At Architype, these are available in more than two hundred fashionable decors, so that the perfect design can be selected for any project.

Are you considering a kitchen island in your home? Take a look through the catalogue of available decors and find the perfect option! 

The kitchen island is undoubtedly an element that will significantly increase the functionality of a room. Lots of advantages, plenty of possibilities - we are convinced that they have taken hold in homes for good and will remain so for a long time!

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