Raw interiors made with taste. Discover decors that imitate the texture and colour of concrete


Modern interior design is increasingly dominated by unconventional design solutions. While many of these are familiar to us, some are still very surprising. Such is the case with stone decors, which are deceptively reminiscent of... raw concrete in texture and colour. Are you curious about how such designs can be incorporated into modern interiors? Here are some inspirations!

Modern, extraordinary, creative. Today's interior design projects can be very diverse, and the contractors themselves can realise even the most surreal vision of a space. However, this would not be possible without specialised finishing materials to achieve the desired effect. Concrete imitation tiles are a modern approach to interior decoration that combines aesthetics with functionality, and additionally offers many benefits. There's also no denying that it is one of the more interesting interior design solutions that have dominated the trends of recent years.

Tiles imitating concrete. What can they be used for?

Stone tiles inspired by the natural appearance of concrete are an extremely versatile yet original finishing material that perfectly captures the rawness and industrial character of real raw material. At the same time, it surpasses the properties of traditional concrete in many respects - including in terms of the material's weight, maintenance, difficulty of installation and vulnerability to cracking and damage. Importantly, however, stones imitating concrete can be safely applied in a variety of domestic and commercial project spaces. It is a material that can be used to decorate walls, floors, stairs, kitchen or bathroom countertops and even furniture. 

Its versatile application makes it possible to create truly inspiring designs, in which the texture of concrete can play the most important role, but also be just a subtle addition that adds variety to a space. Concrete imitating tiles are most suitable for raw, industrial interiors with loft and industrial elements.

Which materials best imitate raw concrete?

Finishing materials that imitate raw concrete are a valid alternative to the traditional raw material that is easier to apply, more resistant to damage and does not require complicated care and maintenance. This is particularly important for surfaces that are used daily - such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, stairs or floors. Which materials work best as a replacement for concrete?

Above all, decorative stones whose main ingredient is mineral. During the complex production process, they gain valuable properties that allow them to compete with even the hardest and most solid natural stones. Among the most recommended materials, it is worth mentioning quartz surface, which impresses with its wide range of patterns, colours and textures. Large ceramic slab (porcelain stoneware), which can be used for numerous arrangements in a multitude of ways, will also perform equally well in this role.

Finishing materials such as quartz surfaces or large ceramic slabs replicate the beauty of traditional concrete in an aesthetically pleasing way. But that is not all! They are characterised by their resistance to damage, stains, and moisture, making them well suited for a variety of indoor - and sometimes outdoor - spaces. The surface of the stones is easy to clean, so they remain in impeccable shape for many years.

The best decors for raw, loft and industrial interiors

Artificial stone imitating concrete is a real revolution in the world of interior design. Several advantages and a diverse range of patterns and colours mean that more and more people are choosing this material when designing residential and public spaces. It enables the effect of raw concrete to be achieved indoors, while eliminating the problems associated with using this material in its traditional form. Stone tiles imitating concrete are therefore not only a fine decorative element, but also a practical solution that combines style with functionality.

Tiles imitating concrete: discover the decors from Architype

Quartz surface

  1. Caesarstone 4023 Topus Concrete
  2. Caesarstone 4044 Airy Concrete
  3. Caesarstone 5810 Black Tempal
  4. Caesarstone 5133 Symphony Grey
  5. Caesarstone 6131 Bianco Drift
  6. Caesarstone 4033 Rugged Concrete
  7. Caesarstone 5820 Darcrest
  8. Avant Quartz 8900 Bretagne

Large ceramic slab

  1. Keralini Basaltina Grigia
  2. Keralini Basaltina Nera
  3. Keralini Boulevard Black
  4. Keralini Boulevard Grey
  5. Keralini Cement Ash
  6. Keralini Concrete Ash

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