Modern use of a quartz surface in architecture and interior design. How to decorate a kitchen?


The quartz surface has become an integral part of modern architecture and interior design. Versatile use, aesthetic values and unique properties have made it an ideal solution for those who want to create a space of a unique character that will be durable and functional at the same time. Let's check how the quartz surface can be used in home projects!

Home stone. What is a quartz surface?

Quartz surface can easily replace natural stone in interior design projects. It is an artificial material which is made from a combination of quartz and polymer resins. Natural raw materials give it unique properties that are responsible for aesthetics, durability, and wear resistance. In turn, modern technologies enable you to match the colour, pattern, and texture of the stone to a particular project.  

Quartz surfaces are one of the most popular materials for use at home. It is both a phenomenal interior decoration and a durable element of finishing. How can quartz surface be used in architecture and interior design?

Quartz surface as an interior material

The quartz surface has found its application in various aspects of architecture - from building facades to floors, furniture, and decorations. Its durability, aesthetics and a wide range of colours quickly made it one of the most valued materials for creating modern and functional spaces. Most often, however, it is used in rooms such as kitchen or bathroom.

The quartz surface is ideal for kitchen countertops. Its surface is free of pores and microfractures, thanks to which it does not absorb water, is resistant to dirt and easy to clean. The availability of different colours and designs allows you to match the countertop to your preferences and style of the room. Kitchen countertop from a quartz surface combine elegance and durability. In bathrooms, it can be used to produce bathroom countertops, washbasins, paddling pools, or bathtubs. The slabs of this material tolerate difficult conditions very well, making them suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Application of quartz surface - check kitchen inspirations!

Quartz surface is an universal material that works perfectly in kitchen. Designers willingly use its capabilities in creating projects for homes where modern style dominates. Let's take a look at the most popular inspirations on kitchen countertops!

Stone imitating marble

One of the hottest trends of recent years is the kitchen with marble elements. Therefore, some decors of the quartz surface are designed basing on nature, and thus, perfectly imitate natural stone. The combination of white marble with delicate or more expressive veins in shades of gray is an ideal proposition for countertops, cabinet fronts and home decorative elements. The quartz surface not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also has numerous characteristics, such as durability, water resistance and ease in maintenance of cleanliness — thanks to which it gains an advantage over countertops made of natural stones. If you want to get a marble effect in your home, choose one of our bestselling decors!

White in style

Are you an enthusiast of simple interiors, and your home is dominated by minimalist style? You must consider the kitchen in white colours! This colour will not only brighten the space, but also give it an extraordinary character. For white furniture and decorative elements, the countertop in the same shade will work best. You can choose a uniform material in snowy white or a slab with broken colours with delicate details or stylish lines. Here are our suggestions:

Black and white combination

Black and white are the colours which always look perfectly – both solo and duo! 

That’s why you can easily use them in several home projects. They will work not only as countertops for kitchen and modern bathrooms, but also as decorative interior accessories. Quartz surface are available in both classic black and black broken with strands in shades, white, gray, or copper. The black countertop is ideal for both dark and white spaces, adding class and avant-garde style to them. Here are the most popular decors that combine black and white:

Stylish grays

Gray kitchen is the best proposition for those for whom nothing in life is neither black nor white! Gray is an elegant and calm colour with a rich range of shades that will add a minimalist look to the room. It fits perfectly with both white and black accessories as well as details of the same colour. In addition, gray quartz surface panels can be freely combined with wood or a stainless-steel room. Here are our suggestions:

Unusual colours in your home

The last proposal for the use of a quartz surface will certainly appeal to those who feel best among the colours! The unusual combination of bold colours with a uniform kitchen countertop colour not only attracts the look, but also reflects the individual style of the interior owners. In fact, the only factor which limits you here is imagination!

With Architype you will get to know innovative ways to use the quartz surface in architecture and interior design!

Are you planning a renovation and looking for the right materials for your home? Or maybe you want to know what kind of trends dominate in the interior design industry? The answer to both of these questions is Architype! We have over 80 quartz surface decors of global brands such as Caesarstone, Avant Quartz and Tisoro. We will gladly help you choose the right material for your interior!

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