On which colours you can't see dirt? Decors for special tasks!


Keeping your home tidy is often a challenge, especially when you're busy, have children or pets. So it's worth considering solutions to keep dirt and grime out of your home right from the planning stage. We have prepared a list of decors for special tasks - their colours, structures and finishes make any dirt almost invisible, which makes them perfect for floors, countertops or kitchen islands.

Which material to choose?

When designing key elements of your home, such as floors, walls, stairs, kitchen and bathroom countertops, window sills or furniture fronts, it is advisable to choose materials that meet the following criteria:

  • Resistance to moisture, grease, stains. Elements exposed to moisture (especially those in bathrooms or kitchens) must be water-resistant to avoid deformation, mould growth or unpleasant smells. Attention should be paid to stain resistance - this is particularly important for surfaces that will come into contact with food, but also those where children or pets spend time. 
  • Durability - high quality materials are a key factor to look out for when designing high use areas such as floors, stairs or countertops. This will minimise the risk of having to make frequent repairs or even renovations. 
  • Resistance to abrasion, scratches and mechanical damage - it is worth finishing your home with materials that won't be damaged by moving furniture, accidental knocks or cooking.
  • Easy maintenance - it is important that finishing materials are easy to clean - daily maintenance or complicated conservation can be excessively time-consuming. A smooth surface that is free of pores and micro-cracks prevents the build-up of dirt and pathogenic micro-organisms, which is particularly important for kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Resistance to temperature changes - materials should be resistant to temperature fluctuations to avoid cracking, deformation and other damage.

All of the above features are contained in the materials in our range: quartz surface, large ceramic slabs and acrylic solid surface. The high quality and wide range of decors make it possible to create a beautiful and functional interior, the care of which is a pleasure and not just an unpleasant duty.

Which decors are least likely to show dirt?

Using the tips described above significantly minimises the risk of mess. Sometimes, however, busy schedules don't allow us to clean often, and toddlers also discover how enjoyable artwork can be 😉 Prevention is better than... cleaning every now and then, so we've put together a few recommendations on which decors to choose.

  • Natural colours, preferably grey, cream, beige, earthy - can be effective in masking minor dirt and dust build-up.
  • Matt surfaces, which tend to be less likely to collect fingerprints, water marks or stains.
  • Fine patterns or textures, which will help to hide minor dirt as attention is dispersed across the surface.

Here are examples of decors from the Architype range that are ideal for such a role:

Choosing the right material is a decision you will certainly thank yourself for in the future! Need help choosing the right decor for your home? Contact us - our advisors will discuss your needs in detail, explain the differences between the available materials and help you choose the solutions that work best for your home.

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