Caesarstone brand - global manufacturer of quartz surface


Uncompromising in terms of quality. Reliable in terms of stone patterns, textures and colours. Pioneering when it comes to innovative production technology. The Caesarstone brand is a global manufacturer of quartz surface, whose products are applied in the most prestigious projects. Let's find out why this brand's materials are desired by designers and contractors from all over the world!

A few things about the Caesarstone brand

Caesarstone is one of the best-known quartz surface manufacturers around the world. The brand was founded in Israel and has been dynamically expanding into international markets since 1987. Designers and contractors admire it for the high quality of the material and the originality of the decors, which are dominated by the masterful reproduction of the colours and textures of natural raw materials. 

The use of the most innovative technological solutions in the production process is a major strength of the brand as well. Caesarstone is also renowned for its relentless pursuit of global trends, enabling it to offer customers whatever they currently desire.

Caesarstone's quartz surface has found its way into applications such as:

  • for the interiors of the Microsoft Research Center,
  • the football stadium in Durban, South Africa,
  • at the Rolls-Royce headquarters in China.

Caesarstone quartz surface - what are its features?

Caesarstone quartz surface is a material created with the utmost precision. Its design is deceptively similar to natural stones, so it can easily replace other raw elements in domestic and commercial projects. Thanks to its numerous properties, Caesarstone quartz surface is suitable even for demanding spaces - such as kitchens or bathrooms. 

The brand's quartz surface consists of 95% natural quartz. This is what creates its original appearance and makes it extremely resistant to mechanical damage and resilient to external factors. Caesarstone quartz slabs have no pores or micro-cracks, so they do not absorb moisture, dirt or chemicals. Thus, they are safe, hygienic and antibacterial.

Caesarstone brand quartz surface is also very easy to clean. The material requires no complicated maintenance to delight the eye for years of use either. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that it has a very versatile application - it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as walls, floors, stairs or windowsills.

The most popular Caesarstone quartz surface decors

Caesarstone quartz surface is one of the most preferred materials in the Architype range. The reason for this is that it is available in a wide variety of designs and colours, so that everyone can find the right choice for themselves. Below are the decors that have quickly gained top seller status!

Caesarstone quartz surface countertops: inspirations

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