"Harmony of chaos" - eclectic style in modern interiors


For years, the world of interior design has been delighting with the variety of styles and trends. Among the numerous proposals, an important position is held by the eclectic style, which is characterised by an extremely imaginative approach to the arrangement and organisation of space. For this reason, it is very often associated with both harmony and chaos. Is this even possible? See for yourself! Today we take a look at how the eclectic style looks in modern interiors.

Eclecticism for interiors – inspirations

If eclecticism could be compared to personality, it would definitely be.... individualist. Why? Eclectic style for interiors is a unique way of expressing one's own ideas and design visions. It allows anyone to feel like a professional interior designer, creating a décor that is a combination of personal preferences with a pinch of creativity.

After this introduction, it is easy to conclude that the eclectic style is an unconventional interior design solution, which is not limited to one particular trend or era, but draws inspiration from many different styles. The most essential thing here, however, is to skilfully combine them into a coherent, harmonious whole.

Eclectic style for interiors. What characterises it?

The eclectic style is an extremely expressive tool for creating arrangements that combine the most characteristic elements of given cultures, styles, or eras. There is room for both elements "from the past" (e.g. old, restored furniture) and modern, avant-garde details (e.g. unusual patterns and colours of walls and accessories). What else characterises the eclectic style in interiors?

Freedom of creativity in design

The eclectic style does not impose any rules on the designer. Its main asset is freedom of creativity, allowing everyone to express their individual taste, experimenting with different combinations of patterns, colours, materials or accessories. There are no rigid rules here, the only thing that counts is creativity, which allows you to fully express your individuality in your own four corners. Each interior can be freely arranged to suit the interests, passions or history of the occupants. This is the only style that allows tradition and modernity to be combined with impunity, thus creating unique living spaces.

Wide range of colours and patterns

In the eclectic style, diversity is also evident in the choice of patterns and colours. This is because each interior style is characterised by an individual colour palette. Thus, eclectic spaces will be a kind of combination of shades drawn from these arrangements. In practice, this means that in eclecticism, light colours can easily be used next to intense, strong colours. The most important thing, however, is to maintain a balance so that the contrast between the individual shades creates a visually pleasing effect.

Diversity of materials and textures

As in many other styles, materials and textures will play a very important role in eclecticism. In this case, both the accessories and the main design elements can be made from a variety of materials. The eclectic style in interiors accepts the use of wood, leather, fabric and even metal. The application of stone is also a common solution. Individual elements can be created from natural marble or granite, as well as alternatives such as quartz surface, large ceramic slabs or acrylic solid surfaces. A variety of designs and colours of these finishing materials are available at Architype. When choosing accessories for your home, it is worth experimenting a little in order to achieve a balanced effect that is pleasing to the senses.

A variety of furniture and accessories

Eclectic style arrangements are dominated by an unorthodox combination of furniture and accessories. The main role here is played by the previously mentioned combination of what is modern with what has been hiding a certain history for years. This is why accessories and antique furniture very often appear in interiors of this style. At the same time, nothing stands in the way of combining them with slightly more daring, modern accents. The only thing to remember is that all this chaos should form a harmonious whole.

Eclectic style for modern interiors: inspiration from Architype

Over the past few years, the eclectic style has definitely gained in popularity among interior designers. There is no doubt that it is currently one of the most popular design themes when it comes to arranging a home or flat. The big advantage is that eclecticism looks great in any interior, so you can use individual elements to create the living room, kitchen, bathroom or even the entire space of your dreams. At the same time, such an interior will have a very individual character, which reflects well the personality of the people living there.

Eclectic interiors are the best proof that even the most disparate elements can form a single, coherent, and harmonious whole. 

Here are some inspirations that will help you select design elements for your home or flat in an eclectic style:

For the required materials, visit Architype! With us, everyone will find designs and colours of decors that suit their preferences. Choose quartz surface, large ceramic slab and acrylic solid surface from respected brands and redesign the interior of your home or flat!

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