Black artificial stone decors - an unquestionable bestseller in modern interior design!


Modern interior design solutions dictated by the latest trends are becoming increasingly popular. Undoubtedly, one of the most important steps when designing a space is choosing the right finishing materials. Recently, black artificial stone decors have dominated the hottest proposals and have become an unquestionable bestseller when it comes to modern interior design. This is why we would like to inspire you with some of our black decors!

Decorative stone for interiors. Why is it worth it?

Artificial stone is a material created for modern interior design. It impresses with its properties, possibilities, and originality. Interior designers are keen to exploit its potential because of its noticeable similarity to natural stone. The difference is, however, that artificial stone is produced with the use of innovative technologies, thanks to which it gains original texture and can take on colours that do not occur in nature. What else speaks in its favour?

1. An elegant, modern solution

Artificial stone is a material that combines classic elegance and modern design. The variety and availability of numerous patterns and colours make it possible to create truly unique arrangements to suit any interior style. Due to its sophisticated appearance, the interior gets a luxurious touch - regardless of whether it is a house, a flat or a flat.

2. Multifunctionality

Slabs of artificial decorative stone not only look great but are also extremely functional. As a result, they can be used for a variety of applications, creating unique kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors or wall cladding. In addition, synthetic stone combines well with other materials such as wood, steel or glass. This offers home and flat designers tremendous opportunities when it comes to creating cohesive, harmonious spaces.

3. Durability and longevity

The artificial stone itself is characterised by a high resistance to damage and wear. The durability of the material has a positive effect on its lifespan, so that all projects carried out using stones such as quartz surface, large ceramic slabs or acrylic solid surface can serve the owners of a house or flat for many years. Synthetic stones can also be freely used in rooms that are more exposed to undesirable elements - such as the kitchen or bathroom.

4. Ease of cleaning

Those who decide to use artificial stone to finish their house or flat also no longer need to worry that it will lose its aesthetic appearance after a short period of intensive use. This is because stone tiles are very easy to keep clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance are enough to preserve their character for many years.

Black decors in modern settings – applications

Black artificial stone decors are a stylish and elegant form in which synthetic materials can appear. In the collection of every respected brand, they are the ones with the unique look that catches the eye and gives the interior an unmistakable character. Nowadays, black decors are becoming increasingly popular, and their versatility allows a wide variety of styles and interior concepts to be matched with ease. What products can ideally be designed using them?

The possibilities are in fact endless!

Black tiles made of quartz surface, acrylic solid surface or large ceramic slabs can be used to decorate the walls of practically any room in a house or flat. They are ideal both as a single wall covering and as wall panels covering only part of the surface (e.g., the wall under the television). Black decors also look great on the floor or in the stairwell. Those who like bold solutions can also use it as a façade stone. Among the more obvious solutions, there are of course kitchen and bathroom worktops, windowsills, and decorations.

Black artificial stone decors from Architype

Black artificial stone decors are available in many variations, designs and colours. A wide variety of textures dominate the range from marble and granite to concrete-like stones. This allows everyone to match decors to their individual preferences and interior style. Here are some of the best that Architype has to offer:


1. Caesarstone 3100 Jet Black

2. Caesarstone 5100 Vanilla Noir

3. Caesarstone 5101 Empire Black

4. Caesarstone 5810 Black Tempal

5. Caesarstone 5820 Darcrest

Avant Quartz

1. Avant Quartz 7060 Calacatta Mont Saint-Michel

2. Avant Quartz 7700 Calacatta Marseille

3. Avant Quartz 9014 Savoie


1. Keralini Boulevard Black

2. Keralini Nero Marquina

3. Keralini Tinta Unita Nero


1. GRANDEX A-420 Starry Beat

2. GRANDEX M-708 Deep Water

3. GRANDEX S-211 Romantic Night

Black artificial stone decors are an undisputed bestseller in modern interior design. Elegance, durability, multifunctionality and ease of cleaning are just a few of the advantages they provide. Certainly, they will be a good choice for those who wish to create elegant and functional spaces.

Be inspired by the black decors from Architype and discover the unique power of quartz surfaces, large ceramic slabs, and acrylic solid surfaces!

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