Quartz surface countertop - discover its unique properties!


Quartz surface countertops are one of the best alternatives when it comes to materials used for kitchens or bathrooms. They are reliable in terms of aesthetics, durability and functionality, which is why they have so quickly become popular with interior designers and contractors. Today, we'll take a look at why you should use quartz surface countertops in both domestic and commercial projects.

Kitchen countertop made of quartz surface - features and characteristics

Quartz countertops are products that are made from quartz surfaces. It is a material created from a combination of natural quartz, polymer resin and pigment. The advanced production process results in a durable, damage-resistant raw material with a homogeneous structure, which does not absorb moisture and dirt and, in addition, exhibits antibacterial and hygienic properties. All these features make quartz surfaces ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops - in both domestic and commercial projects.

Quartz surface as kitchen countertop. Better than marble and granite?

Quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms can successfully compete with products made of natural stone. Innovative technologies used in the production of quartz surfaces give it a number of characteristics that make it more durable and resistant to damage than alternative solutions. At the same time, it retains the exquisite form and appearance of natural stone. Depending on the design, quartz surfaces can imitate raw concrete, classic marble or even be an interesting reflection of granite.

What's more, kitchen countertops made of quartz surfaces are highly resistant to moisture or dirt. This is a very important feature - especially in a place where many potentially hazardous substances are handled on a daily basis. This is due to the homogeneous structure, which is free of pores and microcracks and prevents stains and germs from penetrating the material. Coffee, tea or wine stains can be quickly removed without worrying about leaving a residue on the kitchen countertop. The situation is similar when it comes to food acids or household chemicals.

Unlike natural stone countertops, products made of quartz surfaces do not lose their form and colour even during long and intensive use. They also do not need specialised maintenance to maintain their aesthetic appearance for many years. Care is very simple and undemanding, which makes daily use much easier. In addition, if necessary, quartz surface is a material that is easy to renovate.

Quartz surface, the ideal material for kitchen and bathroom countertops

Quartz surface is undoubtedly the material of choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. From an aesthetic point of view, it is in no way inferior to natural stone and, in terms of properties alone, far superior to it. Quartz kitchen countertops are also a much more favourable option with a much more attractive price.

Quartz surfaces: key features

  • hard,
  • durable and robust
  • resistant to damage
  • wear-resistant
  • resistant to abrasion and scratching,
  • uniform,
  • waterproof,
  • stain-resistant,
  • antibacterial,
  • hygienic,
  • easy to care for,
  • requires no maintenance,
  • suitable for food contact,
  • environmentally friendly.

Quartz surfaces. Check out similar products from the Architype range

At Architype you will find high-quality quartz surfaces from three fantastic brands: Caesarstone, Avant Quartz and Tisoro. Each of these materials is perfect for kitchen countertops and other domestic and public use products.

However, if you are looking for an alternative material that works equally well in your space, be sure to check out the phenomenal GRANDEX acrylic solid surface, which is made for the most demanding projects, and Keralini large ceramic slab, which impresses with the beauty and aesthetics of perfectly detailed decors.

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