White in interior design - find out 5 reasons why it's so popular!


Interiors in 2024 still abound in neutral colours - white, black and shades of grey. Wallpapers with flowers, stripes and dots, walls in all colours of the rainbow, patterned carpets, furniture with fronts that contrasted with the rest of the equipment - the colourful 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century soaked us in glamour for a long time. Today, minimalism, simplicity and unforced elegance dominate, based on white. Let's take a look at the reasons why this is the colour of choice for home furnishings. 

1. Optical space enlargement

The interior total look is an excellent way to optically enlarge a room. White elements reflect most of the sun's rays and spread the light evenly. The same finish on the walls, floor and ceiling makes the boundaries between them invisible. The result is an optical illusion that makes the room appear much larger than it really is. It is a method that is particularly useful for small rooms. 

2. Versatile use

When decorating a home, it is worth paying attention to the aspect of versatility. It is especially important in the case of those design elements that we replace rather rarely, such as floors, wall cladding, kitchen countertops and islands, or bathroom sinks and washbasins. White is a colour that definitely fits this requirement - the bright finish of these elements is timeless, regardless of whether you are decorating your kitchen in a Scandinavian or glamour style, or whether you want to redecorate the interior in a rustic style after a few years. Choosing the right colours for key areas of your home will prevent major renovations in the long term - a change of style will be based at most on new additions, replacement of smaller pieces of furniture or appliances.

3. The perfect base for any accessories

White is the perfect background for a variety of accessories. This makes it easy to change the interior design to match the seasons or current holidays. Colourful holiday photos, delicate macramé, rainbow-coloured lamps, posters or paintings by your favourite artist will not intimidate bright, neutral walls. White countertops and kitchen islands will go perfectly with the currently popular colourful appliances, spice organisers or fresh spring flowers. Whatever equipment, appliances or accessories you need in your home, it's a worthwhile idea to take care of the aesthetics at the design stage of the décor in case of possible changes in the future. And save yourself the space to experiment! 

4. Highlighting other colours and materials

White blends well with other colours, emphasising their intensity and depth. Because of the neutrality of this colour, combining it with others is straightforward - it works well with both intense, vibrant colours and other soft finishes, such as grey, light beige or écru.

It is no different with other materials that we use in architecture. White paired with wood is a guarantee of a classic, elegant, timeless interior. Various combinations of white elements and steel or glass allow for a breath of modernity. It is worth experimenting, and white is the perfect canvas for this!

5. Purity and harmony

White interiors are associated with calm, peacefulness and relaxation. They do not distract and help with concentration, making them a great choice for workspaces. They convey an impression of visual cleanliness, which is why they are such a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms - interiors where hygiene is particularly important. The impression of cleanliness usually goes hand in hand with real tidiness - white interiors motivate regular cleaning like no other. When choosing a material for kitchen or bathroom countertops, flooring or furniture fronts, it is worth paying attention to its texture and specifications. Resistance to dirt, moisture, chemicals, a smooth structure free of micro-cracks and pores - these are just a few examples of properties that light-coloured materials should possess. All the criteria are met by the quartz surface, large ceramic slabs and acrylic solid surface available in our range, making them the ideal choice for lovers of light-coloured interiors. Click here to check out the details of the properties offered by our materials!

White is an ideal choice in interior design. Its versatility allows you to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and at the same time functional space. It is worth exploiting its potential in arranging your home and ensuring that it remains stylish and classy for many years to come, regardless of rapidly changing trends.

How to use white in your home?

The possibilities are numerous! From white paint, tiles, furniture and appliances to accessories and additions. We have mentioned several times that it is worth using white for key elements that are not often replaced, such as walls, floors, kitchen countertops and islands, bathroom countertops, sinks, basins or furniture fronts. These elements must therefore be durable, long-lasting, resistant to dirt and moisture and easy to care for. 

An excellent material for these is quartz surface, large ceramic slab and acrylic solid surface from the Architype range. We have a palette of more than 90 beautiful decors in various shades of white, with a variety of finishes. Discover the most popular ones!

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