9 decors that work best in combination with wood


The most popular decors of quartz surface, large ceramic slab and acrylic solid surface are synonymous with elegance and class. The addition of elements made of wood or with a natural wood grain imitation finish brings a touch of warmth and cosiness into an interior. Find out which decors go best with wooden floors, wall cladding or decorations. 

Natural beauty at your home!

With its unique texture, warm colours and remarkable durability, wood has been one of the most valued materials in architecture and interior design for centuries. Its charm, nobility and versatility continue to make it a popular choice for both traditional and modern settings. Wood offers a wide range of possibilities - it is great in projects when used independently, but also works exceptionally well in a variety of combinations, such as with glass, steel or natural stone substitutes such as quartz surface, large ceramic slab or acrylic solid surface. The juxtaposition of different materials enables controlling contrasts. Cool, modern surfaces gain some warmth and cosiness. Such a solution guarantees style, but also harmony - so important in interiors that are intended for relaxation and rest. 

How to combine Architype materials with wood?

First and foremost, it is worth considering as to which material constitutes the basis for the finishing of the room in question. Due to its high durability, resistance to damage and contamination, as well as easy care, we recommend that quartz surface, large ceramic slab or acrylic solid surface should be the material of choice for key design elements. It is worth using them for kitchen countertops and islands, furniture fronts, bathroom countertops or wall claddings. Wood, on the other hand, will be a great addition as window framing, dining table, decorative elements or accessories. 

Other interesting solutions involve the use of contrasting colour combinations between wood and decors available in the Architype range. Light wood tones work perfectly with dark stone decors and vice versa! Dark wood is ideal for duets with light, subtle decors. Such colour experiments add depth and character to an interior and make a flat unique. 

Properties of Architype materials - why is it worth designing essential furnishings using them?

Wood is a refined and durable material, but due to its nature it may not work everywhere. The stone available at Architype has certain characteristics that make it a better material for key elements of the home. These are primarily:

  • resistance to moisture, grease, stains and other contaminants - the smooth, uniform structure of the slabs prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the surface. This is particularly important for kitchen countertops and islands or bathroom countertops. 
  • temperature resistance - while wooden products may deform as a result of temperature changes. 
  • safe and hygienic - the absence of pores and micro-cracks means that pathogenic microorganisms have no opportunity to grow. This makes the Architype material ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • easy care - for most types of slabs, a soft cloth with the possible addition of a mild detergent is sufficient to keep the surface clean. Wood surfaces usually require more advanced and time-consuming care. 

Natural stone substitutes and wood are materials capable of working well together in stylish, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, functional arrangements. 

It is advisable to take advantage of their qualities through skilful juxtaposition depending on the function of the elements to be designed.

These are the 9 decors that our customers are keen to combine with wood!

Avant Quartz 7500 Calacatta Arras

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