5 mistakes in decorating a bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, it should combine functionality and aesthetics. A well-designed bathroom not only facilitates daily life and improves the comfort of users, but also increases the value of the property. Unfortunately, mistakes made at the design stage of this room can lead to numerous problems that negatively affect the convenience, durability and safety of bathroom equipment. What are the most common mistakes?

Lack of proper space planning

Many people focus on aesthetics, forgetting that a bathroom should not only look good, but also be functional. The result is an inconvenient layout that can hinder daily use of the bathroom. Problems with free movement, improper placement of sanitary facilities or limited access to certain pieces of equipment are just some of the effects of lack of proper planning. It is worth remembering that we need to clean the leaves of potted plants from time to time in the shower, bathe the dog after a long walk on a rainy November evening, and the need to replace a broken washing machine should not be restricted by a sink, bathtub or other element that cannot be removed without damaging it.

Inadequate lighting

Lighting is a key component of any bathroom, but one that is often neglected. Too little or poorly placed light can make it difficult to perform daily tasks or hygiene procedures. Using only strong lighting, on the other hand, can interfere when you want to relax after a hard day in the evening bath. Therefore, it is worth using a variety of light sources - main, spot and decorative - and arrange them thoughtfully in the room.

Mismatch between materials and conditions

The bathroom is a space with specific conditions. The materials from which the furnishings are made are exposed to moisture, high temperatures and dirt, such as cosmetics with hard-to-wash formulas. This makes it necessary for them to be resistant to these factors in order to survive the harsher conditions for many years intact. Failure to choose the right materials can lead to faster wear and tear and deterioration of bathroom components, and even mold problems. For bathroom countertops, wall coverings, floors or bathtub enclosures, it is worth using quartz surface, large ceramic slabs or acrylic solid surface. These are materials that are characterized by high durability, resistance to moisture, dirt and mechanical damage, in addition, they have a smooth structure without pores and microcracks, so that pathogenic microorganisms do not have the opportunity to penetrate and develop. 

It is worth choosing such patterns and colors of materials, on which no possible dirt, splashes or hair will be visible. Great are decors in beige or gray colors, with delicate, irregular patterns - they not only look beautiful, but also perfectly mask what should not be conspicuous.

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Not enough storage space

Despite popular belief, storage space in the bathroom is very useful if you value minimalism, order and tidiness. Cosmetics, cleaning products or hygiene items usually do not look aesthetically pleasing on countertops or open shelves. Not being able to store them in the place of their intended use is not convenient - these types of products are worth having on hand at all times. Skillful use of space above and below the sink, over the bathtub or in the corners of the room allows for optimal use of available space.

Overlooking ergonomics

If ergonomics is not considered in the design of the bathroom, it can lead to discomfort when using the room. It is very important to provide comfortable heights for sinks, toilets and other fixtures, and to consider the needs of all bathroom users, especially if people with disabilities or limited mobility, children or seniors will be using it. Not adapting the bathroom to their needs can be not only inconvenient, but in some cases even dangerous. 

Decorating a bathroom is a task that requires care and attention, as any oversight can lead to both functional and aesthetic problems. It is important to think through every detail at the planning stage, taking into account the needs of all users. Choosing the right materials, proper placement of lighting, attention to ergonomics and taking care of storage space are key elements to pay attention to. 

Given the many mistakes that can be made, consider consulting your ideas with a professional or having him develop a complete design. Working with a designer will help you avoid costly mistakes and will be an investment that will pay dividends for years to come, improving the quality of life for the household members.

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